Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Time Crawls By

Another collage uploaded today. Had fun with this one. Created a brush to turn the roses into cogs. Next image might have to be a bouquet of flowers made from cogs and gears.

This one explores the passing and measurement of time. Cogs from an alarm clock, tree rings and moss amongst other images.


justagirl said...

I am really loving these new works!!!

Ahipara Girl said...

Hi Amanda, found you via Etsy as a local artist. My blog is www.ahiparagirl@blkogspot.com. I am taking a break from Vis Arts degree in Wellies to have my third son. Just wanted to holler out to another kiwi and say 'power to you'.

justagirl said...

Hey Amanda

I have tagged you... take a look at my blog to get the details... hope you are good (you are probably busy at the moment).