Monday, 6 October 2008

Digital Collage

At last, finally I have created some work just for me and not for an assignment. Something for fun! Having just recently discovered steampunk as a genre I had to have a play. Some of my favourite imagery packaged into one form. Of course I have always liked this style I just didn't know it had a name. I had so much fun with these two images that I think I need to do a series. Although it took quite a long time (all day) to create each of these pics in photoshop it was easier in some ways working digitally. At least I could work at the dining table and not have a mess to clean up afterwards :) I would like to produce more work with paper collage too but this is a good start for me. I started with some photos that Chris took of the inside of an alarm clock she took apart. It looked so awesome I just had to create something out of them. Check out some of the featured photos in her etsy shop


justagirl said...

I too love steampunk (it reminds me of my grandfather)... I really like these two.

I like your thoughts of not having to clean up mess after doing computer collage : ) my table is a huge mess at the moment.

PCarriker said...

These are wonderful! Love the feel of them!

gryphon said...

Thanks Katherine and Pam. Encouragement always well received :)