Sunday, 21 September 2008

second life/real life

Been spending a bit of time exploring second life lately and based on of my tech projects on it. I've been looking at Baudrillard's theory's on reality and copies of reality and felt it would fit in well. There's a mall here in Nelson called Fashion Island and I'm pretty sure it's based on a second life mall. So I've taken heaps of photos of Fashion Island and arranged them a la David Hockney. I've also found a mall in Second Life which I've done the same with. Had great fun with photo shop and learnt heaps of new things like how to curl the edges of photo's. I think at one point I was over 300 layers with these. Yes, hours and hours and days of work involved with these. I probably went a bit over the top but I loved it. Only problem is my idea involves ripping these up as a way of stripping back the layers. Yes definitely in line with the last two projects. I will of course keep copies of the complete pictures as well. I'll display these in my workbook so it will be easy to see how they look complete.

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