Wednesday, 17 September 2008

slice of life

This work is about having a tool that could be used to peel back the artificiality in life to reveal what is real. I've decided to call this piece slice of life. Had such a hard time coming up with a title that implied the connection to reality and that it wasn't just a weapon. It's still a stretch but it's as good as it's going to get. The assignment is due on Friday. I'm going to display it so you can see that it is a glove that maybe you could put on. As you can see from the top image I will display it in my studio space with the torn poster image to imply that the tool has been used already. I had so much fun creating this piece. Both kids have asked if I can make a mold of their hand (minus the potato peeler!) It'll have to wait til after next week when I can breathe again after handing in all my assignments.

1 comment:

justagirl said...

I think you have done well with the title it fits well.

The glove has a nastyness about it that I like. Looks good where you can see that it is a glove, something you can wear.

have a good last week of term.