Thursday, 11 September 2008

Torn Posters

Added the final touches to this image today. I took photos of some torn posters of Sarah Jessica Parker on a magazine cover then played with them in photoshop. I was also looking at using photos of texture so I took some of peeling paint and a worn plastic sign. Got it up in my studio space now. It's all coming together ok. I seem to be in the groove now that we've got the laptop to use. I'm using it so much, definately worthwhile getting. Got my research in today - a day early! So unlike me :) I've been researching Mimmo Rotella. He died only a couple of years ago. Italian artist, part of the Nouveau Realistes of the 60's. Did a lot of stripped paper posters of movie stars.


justagirl said...

Wow I would say you are very good with photoshop!!! that is amazing. Everything just sits so nicely together.

I would love a laptop, an ibook would be really cool. Well done getting your research assignment in early, not an easy task... I think I have heard of Rotella, the name rings a bell somewhere?

nomads.hat said...

Hi Gryph, This image is going places. As soon as you begin to take some risks with the nature and quality of the layers you are using, the work begins to feel 'lived in' and assumes a historical stance. This becomes evident within the work itself and it moves it from that place which is simply illustrative to a position which becomes more experiential. I think this is essential in all work and separates the good energetically, from the vital! Great. Keep it coming!