Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Darling buds of Spring

Here's a small artwork I did last week for a friend. I tried out some textured background on a newspaper base. Found some papers that would suit the spring flower idea. I called this the darling buds of spring cause I really want Spring to get here and to stop raining!! I moved away from Auckland to get away from the rain. Nelson is supposed to be sunny!! Anyway... I enjoyed trying out background ideas and will do some more as soon as tech finishes. Hopefully the 2 week break will allow me to produce a whole new batch of artwork for my etsy shop.


justagirl said...

I am the very lucky friend and I love it! I hope creating it brings the spring weather you need. Receiving it worked for me...

Backgrounds are interesting things. I have struggled with them for years, but am now just coming to grips with them.

Look forward to seeing some holiday work... I plan to do the same. (could end up being a Tui billboard though).

gryphon said...

LOL on the tui billboard. Looking at my track record and yours though I'm more likely to have the billboard not you. :)