Monday, 24 November 2008

Digital Images

I created these 3 pics for my image studio class. I was investigating the combining of real and virtual worlds. The virtual world in particular is Second Life though I got thinking about all the other virtual experiences that I've had.

This image has house plans as the base with building scenes from second life overlaid onto reallife building images.

Romance on the internet is such a common virtual experience these days I thought I had to include my take on it. I've incorporated scenes from a very romantic place in secondlife.

This 3rd image has quite a dystopian feel to it. I found this couple dancing in secondlife and added them to my scene. The internet as an escape is my idea for this image. The happily dancing couple can escape the hardships of the actual world.

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jewelrygirl said...

These are great. I have no talent in this area, but trying to learn it.