Friday, 8 August 2008

Shaun Tan

Discovered this Australian author/illustrator just a few weeks ago and was quite fascinated. Then found they had 'The Arrival' at tech so had to take it home. What an amazing book. No words, just pictures but such emotion and feeling conveyed with those pics. Will be looking out for any more of his books and might even have to purchase some. Check out Shaun Tan here.


justagirl said...

oh my, Shaun Tan is my all time hero!!! we have emailed each other a few times, well, I emailed him telling him he was my hero and he emailed me back... everytime he puts out a new book I email to say how clever he is... which I will have to do again as I just got his latest on friday... "tales from outer suburbia", really cool.

I have most of his books except "the arrival" I really need to get that one. I will convo you today.


mistie said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving your kind comment about my blog :)

I enjoyed looking at your artwork very much. You are very talented!

Also, LOVE the illustration you posted by Shaun Tan. I'm going to investigate more myself. Fasinating.

ArtSparker said...

The thing is, he doesn't just do books...he does enormous murals and huge roving puppets for street theatre...really a remarkable talent. The Arrival has gotten quite a bit of interest here in the states. I am going to write a review of it later today on Goodreads.

Liked you cover, I'd have gone with a spot color behind something...anyway I love maelstromsas design elements. And speaking of love, how about those exacto knives?