Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Drawing and Design

Jim Dine Shellac Orientale, 1973

Had a great day yesterday in my drawing class. Discovered the artist Jim Dine, in particular his drawings. His style is quite dark at times, detailed and yet ghosted and minimal in the same drawing. I'm definitely going to try and emulate his style in the 'Dramatizing the Object' project. Will need a bit of practice though. Made a few attempts in class but have a long way to go. It's great to be inspired tho!

We got to experiment with charcoal and ink washes and next week we're going to do collage and photo montage. One of Jim Dine's drawings was created over a photograph. This is one of the approaches I'm going to explore.

Discovered I was in another treasury as well. This treasury was over in Treasury West. It's nice to be noticed and included in these. I'm the one with the sunflower.


justagirl said...

Hey good to see you here... I love the Jim Dine pic...

hope you are having a good day.


Russet said...

You're Another NZ artist, wonderful and you're doing the Visual Arts and Design programme. Fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. That piece by Jim Dine is lovely.

I hope you have a good day too.

Anne Michelle