Thursday, 25 June 2009

Too long since I was here!

Wow, this poor blog must've thought I'd abandoned it! But today I will add more of my latest artwork.


This one is my current favourite. I'm pleased with the effect of the depth of field. This is number 6 in the series of Steampunk ACEO's I'm creating.

Waiting for Aunt Emily's Letter

This number 7. It's a bit pale in comparison to some of the others but it'll do. I had fun with some effects in photoshop, especially blending modes. I love blending modes :)

This one I finished last night. I can't think what to call it though. Any suggestions anyone?


Sleepandhersisters said...

These are so great, I think my favourite is the top one too. You have got a wonderful sense of depth, just so clever! must be nice having a bit of time off over the holidays.

Š˛ksana said...

I like them very much! Don´t know which one is better:))) They look good all together!

Wild Swimming Heart said...

I think checkmate is very successful - i find it slightly disturbing with a hint of foreboding. Keep the Steampunk going! I am enjoying watching the developments!

Incidentally, try this link for MUVE theory: